Create Value Together

Project Expert Network

Excellere Partners has assembled a network of experts who empower management teams to solve difficult, yet common business challenges.

When Excellere was founded, we wanted to empower the management teams who lead our portfolio companies with operating expertise and bandwidth to assist in various post-closing business improvement initiatives. The vision was to provide Fortune 500 technical capabilities to emerging companies. From this vision, Excellere launched its Project Expert Network.

Today, there are more than thirty Project Experts in Excellere’s network. They were carefully chosen for their experience and ability to help our platform companies achieve their goals, not just direct them.

Our project expert directory, which is available to our platform companies, includes backgrounds of these experts, including summaries of their capabilities, industry experience, references, and case studies of historical successes. The directory is a virtual extension of the management team’s staff and provides assistance in areas such as sales, marketing, information technology, operations, process improvement, and human resources.

To illustrate the power of this network, various Project Experts have published “Project Expert Insights”. Each Insight provides the reader with leading-edge perspectives in numerous areas of operational excellence including succession planning, acquisition integration, and building world-class sales organizations, among others.

Value Creation Process

Excellere’s Value Creation Process is a proven, proprietary and documented system for building world-class portfolio companies.

The founders of Excellere Partners envisioned a firm with a disciplined, systematic, and process–driven investment approach.

Part of this approach, the Value Creation Process, accomplishes the following objectives:

Institutionalizes standard operating procedures, guiding more consistent service to Excellere portfolio companies;
Shares best-practices and operating experiences among Excellere’s portfolio companies;
and Provides a roadmap to build a scalable organization to accelerate organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

The Value Creation Process includes an evolving library of tools and methodologies that documents successful value creation techniques, while providing a roadmap for successful execution. Excellere professionals, Project Experts, and managers of Excellere portfolio companies contribute to new approaches and tools, enabling all of Excellere’s portfolio companies to benefit from our collective knowledge.

As the Value Creation Process has evolved throughout more than sixty investments across more than a dozen industries, Excellere has encountered and addressed many of the common challenges entrepreneurs and management teams face as they build larger companies.

Frequent Value Creation Questions