Strive for Excellence

The name Excellere is Latin and means to attain a higher level of performance – to exceed expectations.

Background & History

Excellere is a private equity investment firm based in Denver, Colorado. Since our inception in 2006, Excellere has aspired to build a differentiated private equity firm - one focused on the unique needs of emerging private companies with aspirations to build industry leadership and enduring value.

More than a source of capital, Excellere has created a firm with a buy-and-build growth strategy empowered by a supportive culture and a proprietary Value Creation Process.


We foster a culture of excellence and service, and we utilize our deep experience to support our management partners’ vision of growth and success. more »


As a values-based organization, we strive for excellence by creating true partnerships with our portfolio company investments. more »

Tools & Process

Our proprietary Value Creation Process empowers management teams to build industry- leading companies with enduring value. more »


We focus on a select number of exceptional industries, businesses, and management teams. Our mission statement captures the essence of this strategy and approach: “Building Enduring Value with a Spirit of Partnership and Excellence” more »

Excellere Partners

Excellere is pronounced “ex-cell-ear”


At Excellere Partners, our professionals are immensely grateful for the opportunity to assist our platform companies in pursuit of their aspirations.

Spend enough time with Excellere and you will notice that there is something different about us. This is intentional. We built an organization around individuals who have backgrounds, skill sets, and attitudes that enhance and perpetuate the firm’s unique, entrepreneur-centric culture and philosophy.

Prior to joining Excellere, each of our investment professionals and staff had diverse backgrounds and a history of success and achievement. As importantly, we have assembled a team with character and a unique passion for excellence and service to others.

Further reinforcing our differentiated approach, the phrase Strive for Excellence graces the back of Excellere business cards, a wall in our headquarters, and our collateral materials. Strive for Excellence reflects the manifestation of our commitment to a higher standard of service – to our investors, portfolio company managers/partners, lenders, intermediaries, and service providers.


Since Excellere’s inception, we wanted to build a values-based organization that stands for something greater than investing and managing capital.

The founders of Excellere believed that by cultivating a culture with the right values, success would follow. At the core of this philosophy is the recognition that Excellere is an entity created for the success of others – if we help our portfolio companies succeed, we succeed. Moreover, we believe there is a right way to pursue excellence and have created a proven system that guides ourselves and those around us to have the ability to consistently achieve superior results.

To capture the essence of this philosophy, Excellere crafted a value statement that succinctly communicates the embodiment of this differentiated philosophy.

Do the right thing, the right way, with excellence.

To reinforce this value statement, we interviewed those with a stake in Excellere’s success to identify core tenets to guide our daily operations. Excellere’s professionals apply these core tenants daily. Doing so enables us to provide our investors, portfolio company managers/partners, lenders, intermediaries, and service providers with a sense of partnership, trust, confidence, and consistency.

Approach all situations and communicate in an open, consistent and ethical manner with fairness, sincerity and truthfulness.

Recognize, respect and appreciate the value of every person and their contributions as well as the opportunity afforded to us personally and professionally.

Strive to deliver more than promised – “walk the talk.”

Servant Leadership
Excellere was created around the aspirations of the entrepreneur – and our desire is to assist our partners in achieving their goals with devotion, compassion and humility.

True success is dependent upon a common vision, mutual cooperation, open communication and sharing responsibilities for a common goal – make excellence attainable by all.

Empowered, fun, engaging and authentic culture based on a passion for excellence; overcome challenges; and celebrate success together.

“We” supersedes “Me” – the star of our team is the Excellere organization.

Value Creation
Insist on continuous process improvement, encourage innovation, apply best practices to achieve superior results and create opportunities for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Customer Focus
Our investors, partners, lenders, employees, portfolio company management teams, service providers and community have a stake in Excellere. We have a profound responsibility to our customers and the trust they place in us.

Tools & Process

To the entrepreneur, the journey may seem unique, but others have very likely experienced similar journeys. Excellere believes that providing a “roadmap” and learning from the past is an essential part of consistently creating opportunity and value.

Excellere understands that managing a rapidly growing business is inherently challenging. Opportunity is spawned by innovative strategies, new product introductions, or dynamic industry trends. Enduring success is only achieved when a company successfully navigates the inevitable trade-offs between growth, profitability, and risk. Our experience with more than sixty investments has taught us that managing these extraordinary demands is a challenge for many companies.

Our Value Creation Process builds industry-leading companies with a disciplined, systematic, and process–driven investment approach.

The Value Creation Process has three fundamental areas of focus with tools and resources that guide successful execution:

  • Build a foundation
  • Internal growth
  • Strategic add-on acquisitions

Through our innovative knowledge–sharing program, each Excellere professional enhances the Value Creation Process as a living system of learning from past experiences for the benefit of future execution. As each Excellere portfolio company pursues their growth strategy, they are able to tap the cumulative wisdom of other business leaders. They also contribute to creating new and innovative approaches that solve complex business challenges.

We look forward to sharing our process-driven investment approach with you.


Focus In today’s service-driven economy, Excellere invests in people, not assets. Partnerships built upon trust, respect, and a shared responsibility for a company’s ultimate success create enduring value.

A differentiated investment strategy requires focus. We believe that good is the enemy of the truly exceptional, and that excellence can only be achieved if our firm is intensely focused and disciplined.

Excellere pursues investment opportunities in which the business owner seeks a partner to provide capital and resources to build a larger organization as well as an immediate source of liquidity. Such a business owner seeks a partner like Excellere who shares the same vision, respects the company’s legacy, and provides growth opportunities for employees and managers.

The combination of Excellere’s values, people, and Value Creation Process appeals to the entrepreneur seeking this type of transaction. As a testament to our approach, business owners in Excellere’s current portfolio have retained an average of thirty percent ownership of their companies after completing the recapitalization transaction.

Excellere provides business owners and their management teams with an additional opportunity to participate in the growth of their businesses through one of the industry’s largest equity stock plans, rewarding employees for their loyalty and extraordinary effort.

This focus provides a win/win partnership among Excellere, the portfolio team, the business owner, and the management team.

Investment Dynamics
  • Greater than $7 million in EBITDA
  • Majority recapitalizations with significant rollover
  • Management with vision for growth and desire for partnership
  • Differentiated business model with compelling customer value proposition
  • Potential for customer-centric buy-and-build consolidation

The Excellere founders shared a vision to create a new kind of private equity firm born from a deep respect for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

From our inception, we wanted to build an exceptional private equity firm that could assist entrepreneurs build exceptional businesses. To accomplish this, we needed a differentiated business model.

Prior to forming Excellere, our core team worked together at another well regarded middle market private equity firm. There we began sharing our mutual admiration and respect for the entrepreneur and our belief that building smaller, high-growth companies into larger industry leaders demanded unique skills and capabilities.

We saw that existing private equity business models underserved entrepreneurs and their companies and that there was a profound opportunity for us to fill this void by building a firm that was highly differentiated and special. We launched Excellere in 2006, raising capital from large institutional investors with long-term investment horizons and interest in supporting rapidly growing companies. Almost all of these original investors continue to be our partners today.

Over time, we believe that Excellere’s success will be measured by the success of the companies we support and the enduring legacy we create together.


One of the first things you will observe about us is our disciplined, systematic, and process-driven investment strategy.

Industry Knowledge

Our investment approach starts with deep industry research. As a result, Excellere has developed significant knowledge in industries that we believe are poised for growth, and our professionals assess potential opportunities as a future partner rather than just an investor.

Operational Excellence

Over time, we strive for each platform investment to become a larger more-established industry leader with operational excellence while maintaining the energy, agility, and nimbleness of an entrepreneurial enterprise.

Customer-Driven Strategy

Even before we complete a transaction, Excellere collaborates with the portfolio company’s management team, formalizing a customer-centric strategic plan. As part of this approach, we identify opportunities to improve the business’s value proposition by providing more products, services, and capabilities, thereby positioning the business for accelerated long-term growth.

Industry Leadership

Utilizing our proprietary Value Creation Process, we strengthen the foundation of the business, accelerate internal growth, and complete strategic add-on acquisitions. This unique combination of objectives positions a company to become a partner and solution to its customers as opposed to a traditional vendor, creating a differentiated business model with high barriers-to-entry and superior valuation.