The Destination for Entrepreneurs®

Over time, our success is measured by the success of our entrepreneur partners and the enduring legacy that is created together.

Excellere was purposefully built around the aspirations of entrepreneurs and needs of emerging companies. To support this vision, we have established a culture that is as passionate about the entrepreneur’s success as our own. This approach is supported by a breadth of resources and capabilities designed to maximize the potential of our partnerships and our partners.

Excellere Partnership Model

Excellere Partnership Model

SHARED VISION. Establishing a shared vision with our entrepreneur and management team partners is a critical pillar in building best-in-class industry leaders.

CUSTOMER FOCUS. A customer-first mentality enables more purposeful and strategic growth, centered on driving value for our customers and more enduring relationships.


STRONG ALIGNMENT. Ensuring company success tightly aligns with long-term management incentives is critical in building a culture of “winning together.”

SERVICE ORIENTATION. Management is Excellere’s customer. Our core responsibility is to provide our partners with the tools and resources to be successful.


PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. Our mindset and partnership orientation is anchored in a rigorous pursuit of Excellence. Building industry leaders and driving value, together as partners.