Industrial Growth

Investing in a Shared Vision

Supporting Entrepreneurs in Industries of Consequence

Excellere’s interest in the Industrial Growth sector is driven by the multi-faceted value proposition offered by companies that enhance regulatory compliance, safety, performance, and reliability for customers in industrial and commercial settings. Excellere has a long history of supporting founder-owned companies operating in industries of consequence, specifically, highly regulated industries with opportunities to drive value for customers through an unwavering commitment to quality and compliance.

Companies across the industrial and infrastructure end markets are implementing new technologies and partnering with best-in-class outsourced service providers to modernize the manufacturing base and infrastructure throughout North America while facing more demanding regulatory and environmental frameworks across political administrations. This environment creates opportunities for companies to achieve significant growth by investing in scalable foundations, developing repeatable processes, implementing tools and technologies that drive scalability, and establishing strong cultures focused on quality and continuous improvement.

Areas of Interest

Investment Focus

Achieving industry leadership does not always mean building the largest company, but it does mean building a company that is valued by its customers and admired by its competitors. We believe those traits can’t simply be purchased, which is why they must be inherent in every company with which we partner.

Excellere is actively seeking industrial growth investments in the following sectors where we have previous direct experience and domain expertise or have completed extensive industry research and developed a strategic vision for growth.

Industrial Growth Targeted Segments

  • Consumable and replacement parts
  • Critical infrastructure services
  • Environmental compliance services
  • Highly engineered components
  • Industrial automation
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Specialty chemicals and additives
  • Specialty packaging
  • Testing, inspection, and certification
  • Water treatment and preservation products and services

Sub-Sector Spotlight

Environmental Compliance Services

Environmental Compliance Services (ECS) companies deliver essential assessment, prevention, permitting, monitoring, and repair work for clients facing environmental challenges related to water, soil, and air quality, and manage risks from other potentially hazardous compounds in industrial and infrastructure settings.

Leaders in the industry utilize their local domain knowledge, highly-trained workforce, and intellectual property to enable clients’ adherence to ever-more nuanced regulatory requirements while maintaining efficient operations and offering rapid response to regulatory or event-driven disruptions.

The ECS industry is expected to sustain growth as governments around the world enact and update (and rarely retire) environmental regulations, critical public infrastructure needs are pushed to the forefront with massive funding, investors, corporations and the public continue to prioritize Environmental, Social, & Governance initiatives, and weather volatility increases across geographies.

Segments of Interest

Environmental Consulting & Engineering

  • Consulting and project management
  • Due diligence
  • Environmental assessments/impact analysis
  • Permitting and planning
  • Site monitoring
  • Testing and analytical services

Industrial In-plant Services

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Lab services
  • Testing, inspection and monitoring
  • Turnaround maintenance and repair

Response and Restoration

  • Beneficial reuse
  • Mitigation and emergency response
  • Hazardous materials abatement
  • Reconstruction and repair
  • Risk assessment and prevention
  • Site investigation and remediation

Sub-Sector Spotlight

Water Treatment

The Water Treatment industry is comprised of businesses offering products, services and solutions that decrease water’s corrosive effects, kill biological organisms and invasive species, remove water byproducts, maintain distribution infrastructure, improve overall water purity and safety, and enhance industrial processes or product performance.

Within North America alone, there is a nearly $105 billion market opportunity comprised of operations & maintenance, design, engineering & constructions, process control & management, equipment, water & wastewater technology and chemicals. The sustained growth in this market is driven by declining freshwater resources, ageing water and wastewater infrastructure, rapid population growth, technological advancements, and a greater incidence of microbial and invasive species growth, corrosion and scale deposition due to the prevalence of water recycling and increasing regulation.

Segments of Interest

Specialty Chemicals

  • Reagents
  • Inhibitors
  • Biocides
  • Algaecides & herbicides
  • Process chemicals


  • Controllers
  • DSC/PLC systems
  • Level control
  • Flow monitoring
  • Analyzers

Highly Engineered Products

  • Valves
  • Meters
  • Pumps
  • Sensors
  • Filters

Value Added Services

  • Distribution
  • Custom assembly
  • Aftermarket services
  • Remote monitoring
  • Testing

Sub-Sector Spotlight

Specialty Chemicals and Additives

Specialty chemicals and additives are complex substances that are made to exacting specifications for customers. Added in small concentrations with high value implications to enhance desirable properties or to suppress undesirable properties, specialty chemical and additives producers have an “ever-present” need to maintain a base of proven product formulations and consistently innovate. As such, companies that maintain highly-engineered, defensible existing product lines and an ability to develop new, and often, customized or application specific formulations, will expand in their respective markets.

Target End Markets

  • Agriculture
  • Desalinization
  • Food & beverage
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Oil & gas
  • Other severe environments
  • Water

Segments of Interest

  • Agrichemicals
  • Biocides
  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Detergents and improvers
  • Fuel and oil additives
  • Process chemicals
  • Adhesives
  • Specialty lubricants
  • Coatings