Concord Technologies Appoints Bill Shields to Board of Directors

Concord Technologies, a leading provider of cloud-based fax and intelligent document automation software for healthcare providers and enterprises in regulated industries, announces the appointment of Bill Shields to its board of directors to help guide the strategic direction and vision for the company.

Due to lack of interoperability between electronic health record (EHR) systems, healthcare providers continue to exchange the overwhelming majority of patient records in document form, most often via fax machines. The persistence of fax machines is typically viewed as a symbol of an industry resistant to change. In reality, it’s an indicator that data interoperability solutions remain out of reach for the majority of healthcare providers, a problem expected to persist for many years to come. Concord is helping providers transition from fax machines to digital, cloud-based faxing augmented with AI-based technology that enables paperless filing of patient documents to EHRs.

“Concord is experiencing a significant and rapid growth as we enable healthcare providers to enhance the interoperability of patient data across the continuum of care and reduce the burden of regulatory paperwork consuming clinicians’ time,” said Chris Moore, Founder and President of Concord Technologies. “Bill’s wealth of leadership experience in the healthcare industry will help us sustain the growth of our organization as we are looking to connect even more closely with the markets we serve.”

Shields brings to Concord 30 years of strategic management experience in healthcare and pharmacy companies. He is currently on the board of Dallas-based Advanced Infusion Solutions, where he previously served as CEO. Shield’s other roles include President of MTS Medication Technologies, CEO of Artromick International, SVP at AmerisourceBergen, and President of PharMerica.

“As complexity and interoperability challenge the healthcare ecosystem, Concord is successfully leveraging proven technology to automate and streamline document workflows,” said Bill Shields. “Chris Moore has put together a great team dedicated to making the delivery of care more effective and accurate. I am excited to join the board of directors.”

Concord will be attending HIMSS20 in Orlando, March 9 – 13, and is available for meetings at booth #634. For further information about Concord, visit

About Concord Technologies
Concord Technologies helps organizations in healthcare and other highly regulated industries automate their manual and document-intensive processes. Concord’s cloud fax service is the dominant, cloud fax solution in healthcare in the U.S. and is responsible for the delivery of more than a billion healthcare documents each year. Concord is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and employs more than a 100 people in the USA and India.

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