At Excellere Partners, our professionals are immensely grateful for the opportunity to assist our companies and partners.

Our motto, STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE reflects the manifestation of our commitment to a higher standard of service – to our investors, portfolio companies, partners, lenders, intermediaries, and service providers.

I couldn’t imagine not having Excellere at my side. I rely on their wisdom and their experience.

Chris Moore

For me, as a founder of the company, when you’re looking to partner with somebody, it’s a relationship that is going to be ongoing, so you need to be comfortable with them, and it needs to be a good fit. We talked to a bunch of different firms, and Excellere certainly stood out.

Dr. Kandula

It’s the people, and I think that’s what makes it. I can’t think of anyone at Excellere I don’t like working with, and I think that says a lot.

Luis de Luzuriaga
Ian Beck
Associate of Origination
Mike Bringgold
Vice President
Nick Coleman
Brad Cornell
Managing Partner
Bailey Cox
Senior Associate
Kristine Ervin
Office Manager
Mike Forsyth
Vice President
Mike Geldart
Partner, Chief Compliance Officer
Colton Gier
Senior Associate
Ryan Glaws
Managing Partner
Joe Gonnella
Ross Gundry
Matt Halverson
Jenna Heinemeyer
Senior Analyst
Matt Hicks
Managing Partner
Tracie Kelly
Director of Marketing
Eric Mattson
Patrick O’Keefe
Managing Partner
Grant Rahja
Senior Associate
Ryan Revolinski
Senior Associate
Mark Sparrow
Vice President of Finance
Justin Unertl
Jacque Vedra
Chief Financial Officer
Mike Vieth
Alison Vratil
Director of Compliance